Durante 1,000 días este artista del papel decidió crear un estilo diferente para cada grulla

Cristian Marianciuc, es un ingenioso artista del origami, el cual ha enfatizado en la creación de diferentes modelos de grullas, creando un toque diferente a cada una diariamente. Este proyecto, inició con el propósito de hacer una grulla diaria durante 365 días, pero se extendió al ver la cantidad de diseños innovadores y creativos que surgían diariamente.

#998 “wabi-sabi” crane #WHPdynamic Song of the day: St Jude by Florence + The Machine @florence If you remember, I used a bouquet of flowers from around the yard to accompany crane #995. I hung the rose from the ceiling for it to dry easier, and the other flowers were left scattered on the edge of my desk. Today’s crane carries these flowers on its wings. Along this 1000 days journey, I tried again and again to reveal the beauty I found in everyday things, in things that are not particularly beautiful or seemingly ordinary. My love for wilted and dried flowers finds its roots in this pursuit! Despite the rain, today also feels light and airy. It’s a peculiar feeling of weightlessness: should I jump up, I feel I would not fall back down. x #origami #icarusmidair #floral #flowers #rose #wings #wing #florenceandthemachine #icarus #levitate #levitation #float #floating #petals #wabisabi

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“Anann” crane Song of the day: Die trying by Michl @thisismichl I am afraid that the circumstances that triggered my desire to start a daily project almost 3 years ago are paying me a visit as of late. I am losing track of the passing of time, I don’t feel like doing much throughout the day and, what I find saddest of all, my sense of wonder is numbing down. Despite this however, spontaneity has become much more precious. Take today for example: I had no intention of sharing a new crane, but a few hours ago I just started folding and cutting and gluing. It feels good to share something new with you! Thank you @excelblades for my new cutting “toys”. I have new air under my wings! #origami #icarusmidair #papercutting #papercut #skeleton #bones #wings #etsyforyou

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Durante cerca de 3 años, Cristian ha estado desarrollando estas asombrosas figuras en origami con diseños totalmente diversos, de los 1,000 pájaros que ha creado hasta el momento no existe uno que se asemeje a otro. Estos animales están decorados con hojas, hilos, flores y algunas plumas que hacen de cada objeto algo realmente único. Algunos de sus productos están disponibles en la tienda Etsy.